Migrate to Webflow Confidently

Don't let the designer do an SEO expert's job.

Handle the technical work with Precision

301 redirects

Redirect old URL's to live pages on your new site.

Site architecture

Ensure most important pages are weighted with importance.

Internal linking

Maintain linking on new site to maintain pages' authority.

Google indexing

Submit new website's sitemap to Google and ensure it is being indexed.

SEO tags

Make sure title tags and meta descriptions are accurate and compelling.

Analytics tracking

Monitor changes in search traffic after the migration has completed.

3-Step Plan for a Successful Move to Webflow

Each migration project is unique in its own way.

#01 - Planning

No designing or developing should be done until a proper analysis has been made of your website.

This includes looking at each and every page on the site, how much traffic is coming to each page, and figuring out which pages will stay and which will be removed in the migration.

#02 - Execution

Taking what we learn from the planning stage and actually executing it is crucial to a successful migration.

If we end up removing pages, we'll need to create 301 redirects so users don't end up on your '404 error' page. If we add pages or folders, we'll need to make sure they are in line with your website's architecture. Headings will also need to stay consistent before and after migration.

#03 - Monitoring

Once the migration has taken place, it is crucial to monitor Google Analytics and Search Console to ensure that Google is reading the website correctly and that search visitors are landing on the correct pages.
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